Plants that have come to help us

In the past several weeks I have been researching what this new energy is that has come in and changed the entire world. This virus has become it’s own entity and has the whole world in fear.   

Having been a certified herbalist for the last 25 years, I am always wanting to learn the best ways to maintain the best health possible, and more often than not, the best way is with the help of plants. 

Needless to say I have spent hundreds of hours investigating what this new energy is, how it works, and researching what we can do about it from the many scientists, researchers and health experts in the  Conventional as well as Holistic and Natural health world. 

I have posted quite a few articles that offer resources and suggestions that are helpful for staying healthy during this time, based on this research.  Some of it may be a little technical or for some… possibly interesting.

In general… tips and common antiviral herbs and things that we can do to keep ourselves healthy during this time, as well as much deeper investigation of the research done on the various properties of supplements, plants and constituents that have been helpful.

Upon researching many plants that I was not familiar with using as medicine,  I felt a great, even deeper appreciation for all of the so-called weeds and common plants among us, here waiting to be used as help during such times and in fact, all of the plants are here for all of our health needs.

I feel such a sadness at how we have attempted to destroy the very plants that have come here to help us to either heal or to maintain health.

One of them which surprised me the most was the Japanese knotweed, which is not only a great food source but has a multitude of healing properties, the most important being for Lyme disease, alzheimer and cancer amongst other healing properties.

It is exciting that there are so many new studies and much  more research on many more plants, herbs and spices for their healing properties. 

BUT so many  humans have been trying to kill the plants,  using things like round up, which might probably eventually kill the humans.

My hope is that during this time… when there is no cure, people will open their eyes to new ways… I hope that this brings around an openness to learning something new and to being more open in working with nature rather than trying to kill it… 

I will do my part in trying to share information in the hopes that those who have not yet listened… might open up… at least a little…