Oh my how the spring is flying so fast right into summer with so many things to do in this quarantine and new way of living. 

For myself it has been full time gardening with focus on growing food and gathering wild foods, and growing and preparing natural medicines. 

I have heard from many that they would like me to share all that I do and have done and learned this past 25 years as a certified herbalist, and the many other courses and classes I have taken on various healing modalities, and so began my facebook Live at 11 every day Monday to Friday. 

 It has been so much fun creating an interactive group and receiving requests for creating recipes and learning about easy and quick to prepare healthy foods and herbs from the kitchen as well as wild plants and weeds and their uses as food and or medicine. 

I think it is wonderful that so many are using this the time to go back to basics of learning to grow food and create healthier meals and so become a little more self sufficient.

And now as we move into going back out into the world with caution, I truly hope that we can do so with an understanding of supporting and helping each other, as we truly are all one, as everyone has been brought together, no one left out of being affected in some way…. all included in taking care of each other by respecting the guidelines of how to help keep each other healthy and safe.

While I may not agree with much of or even know about some of all of the controversies of what this is all about, what I do feel is that this has created an opportunity for us to work together, in harmony with the planet and all life on this planet.

While I feel terrible about all of the negative impact and pain for those affected, It has in so many ways allowed us an opportunity to restart.

Especially so for the skies to clear allowing us fresh clean air to breathe and heal all.

I pray that love will be the power that propels us forward… 

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Georgina Cyr

Hello. My name is Georgina Cyr. From 1990 -1997, I exhaustively studied the natural health care therapies, modalities, and teachings put forward by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Frances Lappe, John Robbins, Paul Pitchford, Hulda Clark, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Dr. Erasmus, and many others. Since 1997, I have studied Chinese herbs, homeopathy, identification of edible and medicinal wild plants as well as Essences, aromatherapy, energy healing and many other healing modalities.

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