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In the spring when we all had to stay home, my meetup groups were all missing the meetings, workshops, and live events, so I decided to offer a fun entertaining healthy recipe with other health tips and suggestions on facebook live.

So every morning monday – Friday at 11 we create a healthy recipe as well as discuss the different vitamins and minerals in each of the foods and how they help and work with the body and especially the body’s immune system during these challenging times.

The Facebook live has been a really fun and Interactive Group of casual learning and sharing information.

I am a certified herbalist and natural health consultant but I am definitely not a professional cook.

The Facebook live came about when everyone was in lockdown and in need of social community coming together so it has been a really fun way to connect by sharing some information on helpful Herbs from the kitchen and simple remedies that you can make from home, as well as working with the foods and plants around us.

I hope you will join us and feel free to look up all of my YouTube videos of all of the different Facebook lives as well as checking out my Instagram which has many of the pictures of the foods and Creations for a fun way to stay healthy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0dEnAxX3aiyD6z1xQxG7Ng

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/georginajcyr/

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Georgina Cyr

Hello. My name is Georgina Cyr. From 1990 -1997, I exhaustively studied the natural health care therapies, modalities, and teachings put forward by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Frances Lappe, John Robbins, Paul Pitchford, Hulda Clark, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Dr. Erasmus, and many others. Since 1997, I have studied Chinese herbs, homeopathy, identification of edible and medicinal wild plants as well as Essences, aromatherapy, energy healing and many other healing modalities.

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