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Looking back on the year of 2020, for myself it was a super busy summer with all of the gardening and growing new herbs, wild crafting more than I ever have before, researching all of the different herbs and remedies that are available around us and exploring different combinations for the energies we are all dealing with.

I think that it has been an opportunity for people to work with new energies, emotions and challenges, and Oh my… the challenges have been great for most people. Overall it humbles need to see the kindness that most people have been offering.

We managed to have a few outdoor socially distanced events on the property during the freedom times, here at the Labyrinth and it has been very heartwarming to hear everyone stories of how they are moving through these Energies and the tools that have helped them. Each person has offered Gifts of wisdom and insight as to how to move with this in a positive way and especially suggestions of how to be helpful to others.

The practitioners that I work with have been amazing in adapting and creating new ways of working with the energy to help people.

I’m so humbled to be able to know so many of these practitioners who have been to my women of the fire events and other healing retreat weekends and workshops, who I have worked with personally over the years.

I am so impressed with each persons experience and expertise in their field, it is an honour to be able to refer to them, which I have been doing all summer.

If you are in need of a professional who can help you with whatever is going on with you I have a beautiful and amazing group of talented very professional extremely experienced Natural Health practitioners that I can refer you to.

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Georgina Cyr

Hello. My name is Georgina Cyr. From 1990 -1997, I exhaustively studied the natural health care therapies, modalities, and teachings put forward by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Frances Lappe, John Robbins, Paul Pitchford, Hulda Clark, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Dr. Erasmus, and many others. Since 1997, I have studied Chinese herbs, homeopathy, identification of edible and medicinal wild plants as well as Essences, aromatherapy, energy healing and many other healing modalities.

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