About Me

I am a Certified Herbalist, Natural Health Consultant, Iridology Instructor, and Instructor for many holistic health courses.
My passion is to share all about Natural Therapies, Holistic choices, LifeFood, and to offer opportunities with a network of professionals and individuals who provide Health Solutions for both Humans and Animals as well as training in the Holistic and Natural Health Field.

Certifications and Experience

March 1990 – Present

In 1990-1997 I began studies in Natural Health care therapies, modalities and teachings by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Frances Lappe, John Robbins, Paul Pitchford, Hulda Clark, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Dr. Erasmus, and many many others.

In 1997, I studied Chinese herbs, homeopathy, and identification of edible and medicinal wild plants as well as Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Tui Na massage, and other healing modalities.

I became an Iridology Instructor for The International Iridology Practitioners Association. For ten years, I served on the board of the International Iridology Practitioners Association, Achieved Instructor Certification, Head of Student Services dept. I was in charge of creating syllabus, exams, grading exams, maintaining student database, reviewing prerequisite of Anatomy & Physiology, met with students upon request, graded all written work, including final exam papers.

Honors : Lifetime Member of IIPA * Letter of Recommendation by Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen

  • 1995 – Chartered Herbalist Diploma Dominion Herbal College Vancouver B.C. http://www.dominionherbal.com/
  • 1999 – Certification as Iridology  Instructor
    International Iridology Practitioners Association Texas www.iridologyassn.org
  • 1996 – Certification as a Herbalist, and Nutritional Consultant Living Waters Wellness Education and Herbal research Center
  • 1997 – Anatomy & Physiology degree Westbrook University 
  • 1997 – Touch for Health Levels 1 & 2
  • 1997 – Energy Healing Certificate Dr. Mohan Begana
  • 1996 –Animal Communicator Certification
  • 2009 – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • 2010 – Blood Chemistry Certification
  • 2011 – Hospice certification
  • 2013 – Theta Healing Advanced
  • 2016 – Pursuit of Excellence and The Wall

Volunteer and Fundraisers

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada, Boxer Rescue Canada, Boston Terrier rescue Arizona, SPCA, Animal Welfare

I offer as a volunteer to foster and transport dogs, I also work with getting donations, for Boston Terrier Rescue Canada, Boxer Rescue Canada, Boston Terrier rescue Arizona, SPCA, Furever after small dog rescue

Causes I care about

  • Animal Welfare
  • Environment
  • Health

Organizations I support

  • Boston Terrier Rescue Canada
  • Boxer rescue Canada
  • Boston Terier rescue Arizona
  • SPCA
  • Hospice Society

Organizations I belong to

  • Alberni Hospice Society
  • Community Futures – board member and volunteer. Community Futures offers financing, training, and advisory services for small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community

Honors and Awards

I served on the board of directors of IIPA for ten years as well as serving as Director of Student Services between 1999 and 2004. During this time, helped with creating the Student Certification Syllabus, graded the iris slide cases as well as the proctored exams of the students and worked on a certification examination. In 2002, and 2003, I participated with the Certification, Accreditation… Read more on LinkedIn

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