Elementor #1838

  Welcome to Georgina’s STAR Labyrinth What is a Labyrinth? A labyrinth is an ancient winding pathway that has been found in cultures worldwide. It is a tool that promotes peace, health and wellness. Different than a maze, the Labyrinth has only one path to the centre and the same path out. Walking a labyrinth offers an opportunity for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth, healing and connection. Often used as a moving meditation, it provides a time for quieting the mind or for contemplation when stressors of daily life seem overwhelming. It is also used as a

Catching up and Therapeutic touch

Whew… it feels like yesterday was January.. maybe its age but the weeks are flying by so fast with so many fun and wonderful things to do… maybe it is being so busy that makes it go so fast ?? I cant imagine anyone being bored in  life !  So many things to do and be done. I have met so many new wonderful people too… Alanna Miller for one.. .who volunteers her time at Hospice and we have been working together for her presenting at my meetup group and it has been humbling… what work to be

Vibrational Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Vibrational Sound Healing with Tuning Forks I have always recommended acupuncture to my clients, as I know firsthand without a doubt, that it helps with most health issues. However, many of my clients don’t particular enjoy acupuncture sessions and some are actually afraid of it. I have been working with a new method which works in a similar way, but without needles. Different sound vibrations are placed upon the meridians or areas of the… body that are experiencing pain and inflammation, and the vibration stimulates blood flow and healing in a way that is very similar to what