Catching up and Therapeutic touch

Whew… it feels like yesterday was January..

maybe its age but the weeks are flying by so fast with so many fun and wonderful things to do… maybe it is being so busy that makes it go so fast ??

I cant imagine anyone being bored in  life !  So many things to do and be done.

I have met so many new wonderful people too… Alanna Miller for one.. .who volunteers her time at Hospice and we have been working together for her presenting at my meetup group and it has been humbling… what work to be honoured !!

Many fantastic events happening from workshops to the other meetup evenings consisting of things like Therapeutic touch that Yvonne Pley presented.

I was not aware that nurses practice therapeutic touch in hospitals and that one can ask for a therapeutic touch practitioner to come and offer relief and lessening of pain, both physical and emotional.

Therapeutic touch is also used commonly  in hospice and palliative care.

But it is truly so simple and available for everyone.

A mother touches her child and that is healing… our intention combined with Love is healing.

Therapeutic touch offers a well know and researched method for anyone to use on those they love or anyone in need of easing pain, whether physical or emotional.

There is so much to learn in this life, looking forward to next weeks meetups !!