Summer time events and calendar

Summer is such a busy time with so many wonderful things happening, gardening, scheduling summer events and workshops for natural health and healing, bed and breakfast season, making new friends, gathering new ideas for healthy lifestyle sharing, networking with other natural health practitioners, so many great things happening.  
Stay tuned for my events list being updated.  With the recent facebook dissapearing pictures act and other interesting things about Fb that I have noticed, it is encouraging me to blog more so that if by chance Fb goes down, or instagram too… this is a place to find out what is happening and where as well as encouragement for me to keep up to posting my healthy tips on my blog rather than only social media, so please do sign up for my blog so I don’t lose you in the social media world !! 
I do post All of my events on my meetup page, and the link is here.  
You dont have to join meetup, it is just a great calendar platform organized place to post events and workshops.