Elementor #1838


Welcome to Georgina’s STAR Labyrinth

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is an ancient winding pathway that has been found in cultures worldwide. It is a tool that promotes peace, health and wellness. Different than a maze, the Labyrinth has only one path to the centre and the same path out. Walking a labyrinth offers an opportunity for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth, healing and connection. Often used as a moving meditation, it provides a time for quieting the mind or for contemplation when stressors of daily life seem overwhelming. It is also used as a joyful space in celebration and community building.

There are many ways to “walk” the labyrinth, ways as unique as each individual who enters!

Have no expectations, there is no right/wrong way to walk

Allow for your individual experience… self-care time

At the entrance, take several slow deep breaths, you may choose to reflect on gratitudes before entering this sacred space

Find your own pace- slow, med, fast, skip, crawl, dance…

You may meet or pass others along the way, please respect each other on the path

Simply notice your thoughts…release, All feelings are OK

When you arrive, spend some time in the centre, a time for receiving

Return along the same path when you feel ready. (It’s also Ok to cross the lines to walk straight out. Listen to your body & heart)

Reflect, journal, create or share your experiences in trust. Welcome peace, ease, transformation, mystery, magic and miracles…YOU ARE A SUPER STAR!

Wishing you peace on your path, Holly Carnegie Letcher- Occupational Therapist, Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator & International Labyrinth Society Rep for Canada and Vancouver Island, BC, Sole Proprietor of Oceanside Pathways 2 Wellness-Holistic Health Services www.pathways2wellness.ca


Much gratitude to the STAR Labyrinth creators, mathematicians, carpenters & builders: Georgina & Daniel Cyr, Dick Carnegie, Kaeden Carnegie Letcher, DJ and Holly Carnegie Letcher.

August 2019

Special thanks to Tony Christie of Ireland who created the Labyrinth Wisdom Card Deck. Tony designed the “Safety” Pentagon Star Labyrinth Card and gave us permission to recreate his design as a life-size walkable labyrinth.

“Safety comes from within- Find the safe place inside yourself.”