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"It isn’t about being perfect, it is learning about choices of foods that may affect your health."
Did you know that you don’t always need to eliminate things you love to eat in order to be healthy? You sometimes need to learn how to combine them with other foods that make them less detrimental… or add yummy, healthy choices to the foods you love to make them less likely to cause a negative impact on your health.
LifeFood Coaching helps you put an end to low energy and weight gain and avoid real health issues from developing – or current ones becoming worse. We don’t need to “diet.” That never really lasts forever anyway.
LifeFood Coaching helps you learn how to easily and deliciously minimize negative impacts from the foods you love. LifeFoodCoaching is a monthly program assisting clients with a one-on-one, daily food review for 30 days to improve health by incorporating a simple but healthier eating lifestyle. Tip from my LifeFood Coaching program: It isn’t about being perfect, its about learning how different combinations and food choices can improve what you eat. The program teaches you:
  • How to easily and deliciously minimize negative impacts from eating the foods you love
  • How to prepare most of your meals very quickly with the least amount of effort containing the most amount of nutrients, with easy 15 minute healthier meals and delicious recipes into your diet.
When subscribing to the program, you receive:
  • A non-judgmental Complete Daily Food Evaluation for your particular health goals for 30 days
  • Suggestions and list for making grocery shopping easy
  • Many easy 15 minute delicious recipes
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” I generally work about 12-14 hours a day on the computer, and because of my background in Nutrition, Herbs, Natural Health and healing, I know pretty much how to eat healthy 🙂  I just don’t have much time to cook or prepare meals. 

So I have developed a way of preparing most of our meals very quickly with the least amount of effort containing the most amount of nutrients. Most of these recipes take 15 minutes to prepare.

Some of the recipes are ones that you can put into the oven and go back to work for an hour then come back and dinner is ready.

Most of the recipes are simple, quick, easy, fast, and mostly gluten free and vegetarian. If you are a meat eater, I will help you work with the healthiest choices.”

 — Georgina