Navigating the New World

Well, as the social distancing becomes the new normal, it has been a very interesting time to see how people navigate through this. For myself, it has given me time to garden and do all of the things that I never seem to have or make time for.  
I hope that people can find the positive in it to discover new ways of being and doing.  I know for many it is extremely hard to be alone, especially if you live alone and in a small home. 
For many the uncertainty is terrifying especially if you are unsure of what your income and finances might look like after this time.  
My personal thoughts on navigating through this, is to not expect things to go back to normal, to think about doing things differently, to take this opportunity to think about what plan B or plan C might look like and how we would like to see our future.  
If things do go back to “normal” for you. That is great. But in case they dont.. I personally feel more comfortable having thought about the options that I might have available to me.  A re creation of myself. 
My suggestion would be for everyone to investigate courses or other job opportunities, think about what gifts you have to offer, and everyone has gifts !  
Maybe this is a time to reflect on anything you think might be possible and to think about what you do or  dont want to do in the future. 
I cant imagine the depths of struggle each person is going through.
There are so many opinions abut what this is all about it can be overwhelming to take in all of that information and get dragged down by it.
Turn off the tv and the social media and dream about your own life and how you want to see it.
If you are lonely take this time to connect with others who make you feel good, look into manifesting a new way of life.
Many are overwhelmed with new responsibilities in their home.
Some people are getting used to having a large family in home, some are taking care of elderly in their home, some are homeschooling children (bless you for trying to have the patience to work through this) or are in other ways feeling overwhelmed with new responsibilities.
 My deepest gratitude right now and for most of us, is to truly have empathy and admiration and to give encouragement and energy to carry on… for the people who are still working… 24/7 many of them, first responders, health care workers and all of the people who are helping us to maintain some normalcy, as well as business owners  who are open and struggling to adapt.  
The people who are working though this must be exhausted, and so when I think about the dedication and commitment and self lessness that they are offering for us, I try to connect with those who are committed to helping us, and give them love and encouragement.
If we all spent some time every day making an effort to connect with those people whoever they are, delivery people, grocery store workers, or those in the health care first responders field, it would give us something to do that will not only make ourselves feel good, but would be truly making a difference every day in an effort to help everyone.