"Georgina is a sweet, intelligent, caring, fun, spiritual, gentle spirited, intuitive, Author and Health Professional: that helped me immensly a few years ago. This is one talented lady and her site is very interesting and posts are informative. I have seen her for general health issues and for serious issues (ie: a breast tumor ). Each time she taught me, guided me and brought me back to good health. I highly recommend seeing this lovely lady for a large variety of health reasons, taking a course, workshop, or for your animals. as well."
Linda Fischer
"This is such an important health directive, we can really change our lives by changing what we eat and we don't all have to do the research... Georgina has done it for us and teaches like a caring friend."
Sam Shields
ThetaHealing Practitioner, intuitive reader, writer and coach
"What I like the most about Georgina's page is the variety of events that are posted and updated and the easy going healthy loving goddess vibe!! What's not to love!!"
Suzanne Richard
"Georgina’s cold and flu tea is the BOMB!!!! We tried it for several weeks during flu season and both stayed healthy. It is so tasty we have shared it with others and everyone likes the taste. We ran out and my hubby got a cold. Georgina shipped us another order and as soon as we started drinking it again he started to improve and I stayed healthy the whole time he was sick. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to order some NOW!"
Denise Ruddick
"Georgina is the funniest, most enthusiastic, experimental, magnetic, kind, loving FOODIE around.... I forgot magnetic. Oh I can't forget she is very active in creating, planning, organizing healing events and workshops for women. I love you Georgina."
Deb Nikula
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