We offer Iridology Services and Iridology Courses certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA).

Iridology is the science and practice of iris analysis revealing a person’s relative state of health.  The study of the iris provides information on genetic predispositions, inflammation, toxicity and stresses, to assist with potential health problems.

Iridology does not identify and diagnose medical diseases; rather it shows the conditions in the body that can or may eventually lead to specific diseases.  In this way, Iridology can be of tremendous benefit in preventing disease before it manifests, utilizing the tools of nutrition and lifestyle to direct the body into a higher state of health.  


Iridology Services

Georgina is an IIPA Certified Iridology Instructor

An Iridology assessment is an important first step in your natural health program.  It reveals potential genetic predispositions to strengths and weakness in the organs and systems of the body.  It gives new insight as to the stresses, toxicities, and potential imbalances that may have occurred in the past, occur in the present or may potentially occur in the future.

The next logical step in the process is determining the specific Lifestyle factors to consider in order to make the transformation to becoming radiantly healthy!

It is also important to identify the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that may be blocking your desired level of health from manifesting. Iridology highlights personality characteristics and the potential emotional loops that keep replicating the past or the same experience in your life.

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