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Georgina Cyr

Practicing Health & Wellness Since 2000

Georgina Cyr

Hello. My name is Georgina Cyr

I am a natural health and nutrition consultant. I create a variety of holistic herbal products, a fantastic sinfully delicious and incredibly healthy herbal chocolate, as well as herbal teas, herbal extracts and tinctures, herbal salves and wildcrafted dried herbs, and I create custom blend teas, tinctures and salves for individual client needs.

I offer long-distance health and wellness advice through consultation appointments, nutritional counselling and iridology consultations.


My Work

The majority of my work over the past 25 years has been teaching courses on natural health and healing, herbs and nutrition.

My passion has been to help people "Feel Better" offering health tips and information, as well as various herbal teas and herbal supplements, salves, tinctures and advice on various therapies or practitioners who may be helpful for you.

In the past 12 years, we have hosted events, workshops, and weekend retreats on our forested acreage at our Star House Retreat Center. I also assist, sponsor, host, and organize other professionals in my network who are offering workshops and webinars in the Natural Health field.

The Star House Retreat Center features a 5 circuit outdoor Star Labyrinth, as well as a full life size Star Tetrahedron for meditations. 

I also love sharing “Life Food,” aka food for life and have hundreds of 15 minute healthy recipes as well as various herb informational videos on my You tube channel, Instagram and Facebook.


My Goal

My goal is to support people on this journey through life. We are each learning who we are and why we are here, evolving in our own spiritual process.

Values - To honour each being for being exactly where they need to be, in doing exactly what they need to do.

In 1990 due to my own health problems, I began taking certification courses in different modalities of natural health and healing, human anatomy & physiology, Western herbs, Chinese herbs, Homeopathy, edible and medicinal wild plants, and how to live a more natural lifestyle.